About Cryptera

Cryptera is a VC who invests and promotes early-stage blockchain start-ups to reach their true potential through mass adoption; accelerating growth through a combination of strategic advice, powerful growth marketing, and influential networking.

Cryptera, for their community, is the go-to place for everything that is there in the Crypto space; from investing in their first Cryptocurrency to getting in-depth about the Blockchain, DeFi, NFTs, Metaverse, Web3, and whatnot. We have got you covered!

Getting started with Crypto can be overwhelming at first, but with a great community of like-minded people, the learning process gets easier and with that motive, Cryptera had its inception.


Founder & CEO of Cryptera, Iqshant started his career as Crypto trader back in 2017. He is a witness of live-changing bull market and jitters of bear market.

He dedicates the credit for his fundamental knowledge and technical skills to "Time and Experience", 2 great mentors which made him what he is today. Networking with blockchain startups and helping them raise funds became his core interest. This is where he worked with the best players in the business and absorbed the true essence of decentralization.

He aims to bring Crypto and Trading in a nutshell through his Masterclass and help everybody around him to be a part of future, to be Financially Independent.

“Trading can change your life,
Crypto can change your lifestyle”


Vikram Singh Bhati

(SMC Expert)

Vikram is Cryptera's lead trader with over 4 years of trading experience in all markets combined. He has cracked the code of a lifetime printing machine. Challenge him, and he’ll be up for it!

Manas Jati

(Researcher and SMC Trader)

Manas is Cryptera's researcher with the right mix of fundamental and technical knowledge. "Reading a lot, Connecting the Dots, and Writing the Story" - Success Mantra

Divya Sehjal

(Head of Content Curation)

Divya is Cryptera's backbone. How can someone think of showcasing ideas in so many different ways? DS is our magician

Sidhant Borah

(Social Media Manager and Customer Success)

Sid is Cryptera's secret who not only ensures community members feel like they belong and are valued by the brand but also builds brand loyalty / connects with customers on a more personal basis. We owe him one

Vatsal Shah

(Head of Campus Ambassadors)

Vatsal is Cryptera's strongest pillar when it comes to making our presence amongst reputed schools, colleges and universities. We can't imagine a successful Brand Ambassador Program without his input and execution. Vats is comfortable with any level of challenge

Tanishq Sonawane

(Head of Sales and PR)

Tanishq is Crytera's powerhouse. He is blessed with the ability to enter your head and heart to understand your pain points and immediately provide a solution to them. He is our new-age ChatGPT!

Kushal Agarwal

(Head of Project Marketing and CEX Listings)

Kushal is Cryptera's hidden GEM. No wonder we work with so many projects and we have partnered with so many exchanges, Kushal is always on top of it. He's always excited for BULL MARKET, of course!