Our Services

Fund Raising

We filter, analyze, select and help the early-stage Blockchain Projects to raise fund in Seed/ Private round so that they can reach their true potential. We also provide assistance in connecting them with other VCs who can further help in raising funds. We are very particular while selecting a project and look for real-world utility

Growth Marketing and Community Building

We leverage our community on different Social Media Platforms to maintain token value growth and stability. It includes promoting the project using Tweets, YouTube Videos, Insta Stories, Telegram Pinned Posts and Discord Announcements. Projects are able to form a good community base which can react to every upcoming project event and generate hype

Networking and Connections

VCs We are connected to other Top VCs who can further help in fund raising going forward

KOLs We have close relations with 100+ Global KOLs/ Crypto Influencers who can assist projects for their promotions

Launchpads We have strong network with launchpads which can help you in crowdfunding and listings

Exchange Listings

We help Blockchain Projects in their Centralized Exchange listings (CEX listings), end-to-end, as we are connected with the top ones. We not only provide our support throughout the process and help them negotiate with the exchanges on pre and post-listing services/ costs but also suggest the most suitable one as per the objectives

Ask Me Anything

To generate more awareness about the project and give opportunity to the community to ask away their doubts, we host both Text and Video AMAs for projects as required. The project teams can also run a giveaway campaign within these AMAs for the members who ask the best questions to spice things up and boost the excitement of the event!

Strategic Advisory

Our inhouse team is working around the clock to deliver the latest insights into projects that we are working with. Be it assisting the project teams to place the product into the market, marketing campaigns, helping in designing the tokenomics and roadmap, and timing the token launch. We always work as long-term partners